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Have you ever entered a specific query in the search engine and see a map with the locations marked in the results? We give each other a hand, yes. If you’re running a business and wondering how to make your business name and address appear on the map, read our guide. You will learn, among others, how to create a Google My Business account as well as how to set up and optimize a Google Maps business card for SEO.

What is Google Maps Positioning and who’s most of it

Positioning in Google Maps is called positioning a specific site on Google maps. From the user’s point of view, this solution is extremely convenient because it allows you to find the sales or service points you are looking for near a specific place (e.g. place of residence). So if you run your business in a regional market, have a physical headquarters, e.g. an office, service center or store (people, anywhere you sell your products or services) and focus on customers who are looking for services or products in your area, you should try to achieve the best position in Google Maps.

If you want to increase awareness of your brand and promote it more, e.g. if you do not have a website well optimized for SEO, Google Maps may be a great way to achieve your goal.

Who is most profitable to position your business on Google Maps? As we mentioned – the most interested should be people who operate in the local market, and their offer does not require detailed analysis. Examples of such activities are hairdressers, garages, hotels and hostels, shops, construction companies.

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How Local Positioning Works

In the context of positioning on Google maps, it is worth mentioning local positioning. It aims to maximize the position of the website in the search results after entering the query with a specific location (for example, after entering the phrase “hostel Poznan “, the user should receive a list of accommodation in Poznan). Positioning in Google Maps can be of great importance here because the Internet user immediately receives the address of the searched place, position on the map (can also immediately determine the distance from a specific place and search for the shortest route), opinions of other people, and often the possibility of making an appointment or booking accommodation.

By positioning your business locally, you can promote it in the area of ​​the province, poviat, commune, city or district.

How to open a Google Maps Business Card and how it Costs

Getting to the heart of the matter, it should be mentioned that having a business card on Google Maps does not involve any fees. You can create an account and create a business card completely free of charge.

And now we will describe step by step how to set up a Google Maps business card.

Step 1. Create a Google Account

The first step to creating a Google Maps business card is to set up a Google account. You can sign up for an account at Already at this stage, it is worth paying attention to details such as: naming the account according to the name of the business and installing Google Analytics and Google Search Console modules.

Step 2. Register your Google My Business Card

Create a Google My Business card in the Google Account you created. To do this, go to and click “start now”.


You will be taken to the page with the map and the form below to be completed:

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Important Tips – How to Complete the Form

Company name – Enter the full name of the company, consistent with reality. You can also add a key phrase to which you position your website, but remember not to overdo it. All you need is one general phrase that describes, for example, the scope of your business. Also, don’t add your company’s location in the name, for example, entering Hostel “Comfort Poznan”.

Company address – Enter the real address of the company in this field – if you provide, for example, a zip code that does not match the street and city, you will not be able to take the next steps.

Phone number – Enter the main number of your business – preferably landline, if you have one.

Category – When entering categories, you need to use what Google offers you. Select the main category from the list. In the further stages of personalizing your account, you will be able to add sub-categories.

Website – Enter your company’s website address.

The field “I provide products and provide services to customers” – this is a very important element (as reported by Google). We will now describe 3 activities:

1. You indicate that you do NOT provide services and do not deliver products to your homes. In this case, confirm the end of data submission and proceed.

2. If you check the “YES ” box here and in the next step confirm that you do not serve customers at the company’s headquarters, your address will not appear in the search engine. This option is most often chosen by people who do not have to meet with clients at the company’s headquarters or when the company is registered at their home address. An example would be the owners of construction companies who meet their clients in their homes.

3. If you check “YES” in the “I supply products and provide services to customers” field and in the next stage you indicate that you serve customers at the company’s headquarters, your address will appear in the search engine.

If you indicate that you provide services at customers’ homes, you will need to provide a few more information, as shown in the screen below:

Fill in this field according to reality – specify the territory in which you operate, providing the region, city or zip code. You can also specify the radius of the company in which you operate.

From the positioning point of view, it is best to provide the company address on the business card and specify a small area of activity that will coincide with the geographical location of the company. In this situation, there is a greater likelihood that people who are within the reach of your business will find your business (by entering e.g. a query with a specific city). In addition, business cards that show full address data are displayed more often and higher in maps than those that do not present all data.

Step 4. Confirmation of Data and Verification Code

To manage your listing and make it appear in the search engine, you need to verify the data. To do this, you’ll receive a special verification code. If your business is not yet recognized by Google (e.g. -0 when the search engine does not recognize the phone number and / or email address), the only way to provide the code will be by post. You will receive a letter with a PIN within up to 3 weeks from the moment you placed the order. Remember that it is only valid for 30 days. In other cases (which, however, belong to a minority), there will also be options for receiving the code by e-mail or telephone.

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Step 5. Edit Google My Business Card

To edit business cards and personalize your account, select the “EDIT” button.


When editing your business card, enter additional categories and business hours, and add photos. You can add a large number of photos of the company’s headquarters, employees and work mode. Place photos from separate tabs (e.g. interior photos, exterior photos) and select a profile photo.

Google Maps Business Optimization

We mentioned earlier that thanks to Google Maps business cards, Internet users can not only check your business address but also Read opinions of other users about the services or products offered by your company. Below we will present you several options for additional optimization of the business card and linking it to your website.

Adding a map to a website – you can place it, for example, in the Contact tab or on the main page. If your company has several branches, you can add a map on each subpage that presents the offer of a given location (e.g. in different cities). How to add a map? Find your business on Google maps, after finding the business card, select “Share” and then “Place map”. The HTML code will appear, which you must copy and paste in the “Contact” tab on your website.


Acquiring customer opinions and answering on behalf of the company – your business card will be more reliable and attractive to Internet users if it appears on the network users (your customers). People who have used the services of your company can add opinions in the form of their own statements and assess their satisfaction on a scale expressed with stars. Encourage and respond to your clients’ opinions from your company account. A large number of positive reviews will encourage other people to use your services.


One company headquarters address – make sure that your company does not appear on the Internet at different addresses. If you change your address, remember to update your address on the Google business card, on the website and in all places where you set up your profile (e.g. Panorama Firm).

It is worth mentioning that Google offers users several more interesting features, which include, for example, adding posts directly in the business card. Such posts can inform, e.g. about promotions offered or extending the offer. As the owner of a Google My Business account, you can also use the free wizard to create simple websites.

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Important Tips to Finish

We have two more important information for you. First of all, users can to some extent make changes to your business card and e.g. mark the company as closed. Remember to regularly check what is happening on your business card. Especially when internet users add opinions.

Second, don’t edit the information on Google My Business too often, because any change can lower your listing’s position in search engines. When creating a business card, think carefully about its content and carefully fill out all the necessary fields. 



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