Google Ranking Factors?

google ranking factor

Google makes several modifications to their algorithm consistently and understanding the most vital ranking factors can represent to the distinction between online achievement or disappointment. However, how might you discover the most essential ranking factors without the ability to crawl and analyze a huge number of information points?

Here are the 6 steps we will cover in this article:

1. Meta Data

Meta Tags have been one of the most basic parts of SEO that help Google to recognize the aim of a specific web page. There are various types of meta tags that are listed below, either with the target keyword or details related to that keyword:

Meta Title:

The title tag includes the information about your site that visitors see in SERPs result. Keep title tag short(length is 50 – 65 characters), clear and descriptive.

Meta Title
Meta Description:

The meta description is an HTML element that includes the brief summary of a web page and displays below each blue link on Google’s SERPs, give an outline of the content inside.

Meta Description

2. Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

It is estimated that up to 60 percent of searches are conducted on a mobile device, and this number keeps increasing.

Now what number of people presently utilize cell phones for Google search, it’s straightforward why Google pays attention to responsive design so with regards to ranking websites.

Ensure that your web page uses responsive website design.


3. Optimize Your Page Speed

Page speed is a primary factor with regards to ranking your site top 10 organic pages on Search engine results page.

Google wants to improve users understanding of the web, and quick stacking pages will do that.

Optimize Your Page Speed

That is the reason it’s imperative to run your own site speed test to make sense of how to improve Google rankings. There are many devices that can enable you to do this. A portion of our top picks are:

4. Schema markup

Schema markup is another hidden part of a website that informs web crawlers more about your content.

so if you’re thinking about how to rank higher on google, at that point this is an essential ranking factor, especially for small business SEO. Schema markup code helps to identify the necessary information on a website such as addresses, phone numbers, recipes, reviews and more..

Example of  schema code:

Schema markup

5. Publish Quality Content

With regards to online marketing, content is still the king of the SEO this year. Truth be told, it’s been like that for the greater part of the existence of the Internet, and 2019 will be the same.

Google’s enormous priority is the user experience that’s by making high quality content that is simple for the client to discover and comprehend is critical.

Likewise, in 2019, the structure of content will become the dominant focal point. As much as web crawlers will care about what a bit of content says, they’ll additionally care about how data is organized or conveyed.

6. Quality backlinks

Backlinks can truly influence where your site ranks and this is the reason it is a vital factor to consider for ranking this year.

The Number of Linking Root Domains help in boosting search ranking and the number of referring domains is one of the most significant Google ranking factors in Google’s algorithm.

Here are some valuable yet simple strategies for building genuine backlinks in 2019.

    • Attempt guest posting
    • Influence broken links on different sites.
    • Request those different bloggers to link back to your key content.

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