How SEO Expert Optimize Google My Business?

How SEO Expert Optimize Google My Business

Targeting local customers requires optimizing your Google My Business page; several new features have been introduced in Google My Business. Optimizing your GMB ensures that your business is listed in local resources. There are several ways of improving page listing; ten important features are discussed below:

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Write a perfect description for your business

As a part of Google My Business Optimization you can add a description of your business it can be about 750 words long. The text should be engaging and unique but sales or promotions must not be promoted. Make sure your description is optimized for local search as well. Writing a description must be according to the guidelines provided by Google My Business. The description can be edited multiple times until the perfect keyword target is reached. A Perfect description is a must to get the best search result for your business.

Make sure the Name Address and Phone number is accurate
Name Address and Phone Number is also known as NAP, in short, is the most important part of finding your business. Providing the accurate Name, address and phone number ensure that your customers get accurate information and you have provided correct information regarding your business as well. Providing inaccurate information makes your local search harder as people might not be able to reach you thus they might move to other business thus losing your customers. Provide the same information in all profiles like website, GMB, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Your local business search will be enhanced by your NAP accuracy.

Choose the correct category and subcategory

While creating your Google My Business page it is important to choose the accurate category and subcategory of your business. Your local search ranking depends upon the relevancy of your business and the category of it. Choosing the category and subcategory for example if you run a law firm but you specialize in civil cases you might not be interested in taking calls or getting customers for different cases.  It is important to specify the correct category and the corresponding subcategory. If you are not aware of choosing the subcategory then make sure to choose the right category and select the sub category later.

Claim your Google My Business short name

Once you create an account with Google My Business and verify it make sure to claim your Google My Business short name. A short name is a custom-designed name for your business and it will be discoverable by customers in local using that short name. The name can be short-form or part of your business or it can be the name your customers commonly use to refer your business. Users can reach your Google My Business page by directly typing the short name provided for your business. The name must be unique. Creating a short name is easy just login to your Google My Business account and select info on the left side and select claim short name. Your short name can contain 32 characters maximum.

Upload photos

Upload the latest pictures related to your business in Google My Business Page. One picture speaks more than a thousand words. Pictures added to your business listing makes it more visible as your pictures will have a caption where you can add your business name. Local search results with images are said to improve your search results. Posts that contain images are said to be shared more frequently than those without images. It is important to choose the right image and should be as per the Google My Business guidelines. GMB offers a wide range of options to play with your images. You can add videos in this space as well. 

Add posts to improve conversion rates
Google My Business has the option to create posts this is crucial to optimize your business-related posts. It can be a short news update or just a blog post or post some offer or regarding upcoming events related to your business. You can just post about your new product. Login to GMB and create post select post type it can be either update, event, product or offer.

Respond to reviews

Reviews are the best way to communicate with your customers. It is important to respond to reviews posted on Google My Business page or posts or images. Be it positive reviews or negative ones if you respond you will get a positive impact on your business.

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Add your social media profiles to Google My Business

It is important to add your social media profiles to your Google My Business account. Add your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media profiles to Google My business page. This will help you keep your social pages connected to your business.

Create good information database on Google Q and A

Google Q and A as the name suggests it is a question and answer section, where users ask questions related to business and answer is provided along with it. Q and A helps local consumers to gain knowledge about the business and get additional information about businesses apart from the ones available on the website and Google My Business page. As a business owner, you get to create your questions and answers. You can use this section to ask questions related to your business like brand, average cost, and delivery related details. Such details will help your customers to know more about your business.

Find GMB features that best fit your industry and use them

Google My Business page is packed with a lot of features. As a business owner, you will be provided access with multiple options but all the options might not go well with all business types hence it is important to browse the available features and make use of those that will be helpful for your business type. The search panel for a hotel will be entirely different from a search panel for the clothing store. Likewise booking an appointment might not be appropriate for shops while it is necessary for hospitals and doctors. Use the features of GMB to optimize your business listing and make the most out of it by using the features that best suit you.

Final Words

You can create your Google My Business page but to optimize it for the local business you might need to find the best among SEO Expert Chennai.


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